TWiki User's Guide

Documentation for TWiki users.

  • TWiki Quick Start
    • WelcomeGuest: A fast track intro covering all the basics
    • ATasteOfTWiki: A short introduction training course for beginners
    • TWikiRegistration: Sign up so you can edit pages and select options

  • One-Page Primers
    • TWikiSite: Ultra-compact, 2-minute TWiki primer
    • TWikiTutorial: A compact, 20-minute TWiki primer

    • TWikiTopics: Customize, rename, move, or delete TWiki topics
    • SearchHelp: Tips and help on search
    • GoodStyle: Working tips for an open collaboration environment
    • TWikiShorthand: All of the TWiki shorthand basics
    • TextFormattingRules: Scan all TWiki text formatting rules on one page
    • TWikiVariables: How to easily embed text, graphics, dynamic content
    • FileAttachments: Browser-upload files for distribution or display
    • WebChangesAlert: Get e-mail alerts linking to the latest page changes
    • TWikiGlossary: A simple glossary of TWiki terms

  • TWiki Help FAQs
    • TWikiFAQ: The first things people ask about TWiki
    • TextFormattingFAQ: Common how-to questions about posting in TWiki
    • Frequent users should also browse the full Reference Manual!

  • Help on InstalledPlugins
  • TWiki.SpreadSheetPlugin (any TWiki, 10197): Add spreadsheet calculation like "$SUM( $ABOVE() )" to TWiki tables and other topic text
  • TWiki.BreadCrumbsPlugin (v0.12, 12935): A flexible way to display breadcrumbs navigation
  • TWiki.CommentPlugin (Dakar, 11359): Allows users to quickly post comments to a page without an edit/preview/save cycle
  • TWiki.EditTablePlugin (any TWiki, 11646): Edit TWiki tables using edit fields, date pickers and drop down boxes
  • TWiki.EmptyPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 12445$): Empty Plugin used as a template for new Plugins
  • TWiki.FilterPlugin (1.10, $Rev: 12773$): Substitute and extract information from content by using regular expressions
  • TWiki.FlexWebListPlugin (v0.10, $Rev: 13118 (10 Mar 2007) $): Flexible way to display hierarchical weblists
  • TWiki.GluePlugin (1.51, $Rev: 11220$): Enable TWikiML to span multiple lines
  • TWiki.IfDefinedPlugin (v0.96, $Rev: 12311$): Render content conditionally
  • TWiki.InterwikiPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 11935$): Link ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in a rules topic
  • TWiki.NatSkinPlugin (3.00-pre12, $Rev: 13070 (06 Mar 2007) $): Supplements the bare bones NatSkin theme for TWiki
  • TWiki.PreferencesPlugin (Dakar, 9839): Allows editing of preferences using fields predefined in a form
  • TWiki.RedDotPlugin (1.37, $Rev: 11521$): Renders edit-links as little red dots
  • TWiki.RenderListPlugin (any TWiki, 1.034): Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
  • TWiki.SlideShowPlugin (Any TWiki, $Rev: 12847$): Create web based presentations based on topics with headings.
  • TWiki.SmiliesPlugin (Dakar, 8154): Render smilies as icons, like smile for  :-) or eek! for = :eek:=
  • TWiki.TablePlugin (1.020, 12339): Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns
  • TWiki.TwistyPlugin (1.2.0, $Rev: 12154$): Twisty section JavaScript library to open/close content dynamically
  • TWiki.WysiwygPlugin (Dakar, 12422): Translator framework for Wysiwyg editors

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