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    Web Tools Use to...
    Main Home of Main web Search Main web Recent changes in the Main web Get notified of changes to the Main web Preferences of Main web Statistics of Main web Bullet list of all topics Index of all topics
    Services Home of Services web Search Services web Recent changes in the Services web Get notified of changes to the Services web Preferences of Services web Statistics of Services web Bullet list of all topics Index of all topics
    TWiki Home of TWiki web Search TWiki web Recent changes in the TWiki web Get notified of changes to the TWiki web Preferences of TWiki web Statistics of TWiki web Bullet list of all topics Index of all topics
    This table is updated automatically based on WebPreferences settings of the individual webs.
    Legend:   Home of web WebHome Search web WebSearch Recent changes in the web WebChanges Get notified of changes to the web WebNotify
        Preferences of web WebPreferences Statistics of web WebStatistics Bullet list of all topics WebTopicList Index of all topics WebIndex

All Admin Tools Category topics

  • TWiki.BulkRegistration: The .TWikiAdminGroup can use BulkRegistration to register (i.e. create logins and UserTopics) for a group ...
  • TWiki.ChangeEmailAddress: Security Note : Set Email user #64; Registered e mail addresses for currently ...
  • TWiki.ChangePassword: : : : : ResetPassword, ChangeEmailAddress ...
  • TWiki.InstalledPlugins: Plugins are mainly user contributed add ons that enhance and extend TWiki features and capabilities. ...
  • TWiki.ManagingWebs: # Managing Webs Adding, renaming and deleting webs are all web based operations. Overview A TWikiSite ...
  • TWiki.ResetPassword: : ChangePassword, ChangeEmailAddress, UserToolsCategory, AdminToolsCategory :
  • TWiki.SiteMap: Web Hughes Lab Site Map Use to... You can use color coding by web for ...
  • TWiki.SitePermissions: Web Sitemap VIEW CHANGE RENAME ^ Listed DENY ALLOW DENY ALLOW ...
  • TWiki.TWikiReferenceManual: Documentation for webmasters, system administrators, project managers, team leaders, and all other users ...
  • TWiki.TWikiSiteTools: # TWiki Site Tools Utilities for searching, navigation, and monitoring site activity TWiki Site Tools ...
  • TWiki.WebHome: The place to learn about TWiki features and perform TWiki system maintenance. TWiki is a flexible, powerful ...
  • TWiki.WebLeftBar: " warn "off"}% ATasteOfTWiki ...


Administrators can enable and disable plugins using configure.
  • TWiki.SpreadSheetPlugin (any TWiki, 10197): Add spreadsheet calculation like "$SUM( $ABOVE() )" to TWiki tables and other topic text
  • TWiki.BreadCrumbsPlugin (v0.12, 12935): A flexible way to display breadcrumbs navigation
  • TWiki.CommentPlugin (Dakar, 11359): Allows users to quickly post comments to a page without an edit/preview/save cycle
  • TWiki.EditTablePlugin (any TWiki, 11646): Edit TWiki tables using edit fields, date pickers and drop down boxes
  • TWiki.EmptyPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 12445$): Empty Plugin used as a template for new Plugins
  • TWiki.FilterPlugin (1.10, $Rev: 12773$): Substitute and extract information from content by using regular expressions
  • TWiki.FlexWebListPlugin (v0.10, $Rev: 13118 (10 Mar 2007) $): Flexible way to display hierarchical weblists
  • TWiki.GluePlugin (1.51, $Rev: 11220$): Enable TWikiML to span multiple lines
  • TWiki.IfDefinedPlugin (v0.96, $Rev: 12311$): Render content conditionally
  • TWiki.InterwikiPlugin (Dakar, $Rev: 11935$): Link ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in a rules topic
  • TWiki.NatSkinPlugin (3.00-pre12, $Rev: 13070 (06 Mar 2007) $): Supplements the bare bones NatSkin theme for TWiki
  • TWiki.PreferencesPlugin (Dakar, 9839): Allows editing of preferences using fields predefined in a form
  • TWiki.RedDotPlugin (1.37, $Rev: 11521$): Renders edit-links as little red dots
  • TWiki.RenderListPlugin (any TWiki, 1.034): Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
  • TWiki.SlideShowPlugin (Any TWiki, $Rev: 12847$): Create web based presentations based on topics with headings.
  • TWiki.SmiliesPlugin (Dakar, 8154): Render smilies as icons, like smile for  :-) or eek! for = :eek:=
  • TWiki.TablePlugin (1.020, 12339): Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns
  • TWiki.TwistyPlugin (1.2.0, $Rev: 12154$): Twisty section JavaScript library to open/close content dynamically
  • TWiki.WysiwygPlugin (Dakar, 12422): Translator framework for Wysiwyg editors
see also: TWikiPlugins

TWiki Version

  • TWiki engine: TWiki-4.1.2, Sat, 03 Mar 2007, build 13046
  • Plugin API: 1.11

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