Marjan Barazandeh Co-evolution of the endogenous retroelements and C2H2 Zinc finger proteins in human and other vertebrates
Arttu Jolma Characterisation of cooperatively RNA-binding protein complexes through novel CAP-SELEX type assays

Graduate Students

Ernest Radovani (w/ Jack Greenblatt) Protein-protein interactions of the human transcription factors
Sam Lambert C. elegans gene regulation
Laura Campitelli Function and evolution of human C2H2 transcription factors


Debashish Ray Senior Research Associate / Lab Manager
Ally Yang Senior Research Associate / Lab Manager
Hong Zheng Research Associate
Mihai Albu Senior Research Associate / IT - bioinformatics


Tim Hughes

Former Lab Members

Gwenael Breard Transcription factor DNA-binding specificities
Gordon Chua (w/Charlie Boone, Brenda Andrews) Yeast transcriptional regulators
Rachel Bevan (w/Quaid Morris) Transcriptional regulation in early development and stem cells
Wen Zhang Gene regulation in ES cells
Tomas Babak (w/Ben Blencowe) Noncoding RNA discovery and function
Naveed Mohammad (w/ Ben Blencowe) IT / bioinformatics
Nick Bray (w/ Zhaolei Zhang) Visiting scientist
Lourdes Peña Castillo Computational biology
Trevis Alleyne Sequence and structural determinants of DNA binding
Shaheynoor Talukder Transcription factor DNA-binding specificities
Esther Chan Comparative transcriptomics in vertebrates
Anna Goldenberg Determinants of open chromatin
Ishminder Mann Transcription factor DNA-binding specificities
Kathy Lam C2H2 zinc fingers
Desiree Tillo Nucleosomes
Atina Cote Research Associate
Harm van Bakel Transcription
Matt Weirauch Computational methods for transcriptional regulation
Mariana Kekis Post-transcriptional regulation of Drosophila mRNA
Carl de Boer Yeast promoters
Sanie Mnaimneh Senior Research Associate/Lab Manager
Hamed Najafabadi (w/ Brendan Frey) Integrative analysis of gene regulation in eukaryotes
Kamesh Narasimhan Global modelling of gene regulation by cis-regulatory modules
Kate Cook RNA-binding protein specificities
Frank Schmitges Functional characterization of C2H2 proteins

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